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Barrea: clusters of stone houses, weather-worn red tiled roofs, sloping alleyways that follow the mountain countours, all reflected in the green waters of Lake Barrea that add a harmonious warmth to the awe-inspiring landscape. The town is a small mountain village precariously clingly to a rocky bluff.

Unique in its historical past, it jealously defended by its inhabitants, loved by the many tourists that visit its squares. Besides the well-attended feasts of Christmas and Easter, Barrea boasts many yearly feasts of great artistic value. These include the life-size nativity scene constructed behind the mouth of the Sangro River; the living historical-theatrical reconstruction of the most inspiring moments of the Passion of Christ. In addition, Lake Barrea is lined with sandy beach fronts and hospitable beach bars and restaurants that rent beach umbrellas, chairs, canoes and peddle boats. A wonderful way to pass the day and tan in the mountain sun.

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Civitella Alfedena Webcam

Civitella Alfedena is a Medieval village with enchanting mountain views. Its true value, however, lies in its value as the first village to embrace the Parco Nazionale and its tourism.

Its environs are replete with museums and natural reserves that recount the history of man and nature, as well as the partimony of local fauna that include the Apennine wolf and lynx. Among the many feasts celebrated yearly e note the Feast of Santa Lucia (second Sunday of July), the Feast of San Nicola, the Feast of Madonna del Carmine, the Festival of the “scruppella” (a fried pastry of secret origin) that takes place in August, the Civitella Folk Festival (an ethnic music festival that attracts thousands of participants the second half of August), the torchlight ski parade (30 December), and finally the marvelous Nativity Scene of papier-mache during the Christmas Holiday.

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Villetta Barrea Webcam

In the heart of the Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo Lazio and Molise, at the very point that the River Sangro enters the steep mountain ravine to then emerge to form Lake Barrea, rises the village of Villetta Barrea. It rests between the peaks of Monte Mattone and Monte Steri d?Alto. At 990m above sea level, Villetta Barrea is surrounded by majestic mountain cornice and immersed in a splendid forest of black pine. Wildlife abounds and it is not uncommon to catch sight of deer, foxes, squirrels and a coterie of birds amongst which, at river's edge, the merlo acquaiolo, or blackbird dipper. With any luck, one may spot, up close, the rare chamois, black bears, mountain eagles, and wolves.

Villetta is one of the few inhabbited areas in the world where deer live in close proximity to man.

Villetta Barrea hosts three museums; the Museum of Transumanza (Transhumance), The Museum of Water, and the Permanent Exhibit dedicated to the “Remote Future”.

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